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How to Promote

Welcome to my Affiliate Support Page, reached via Digistore24! I'm thrilled to have you on board as I market my exciting product, the Soloplanner Recession Proof. I highly value your support and encourage you to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions, feedback, or concerns.

So, what exactly is the Soloplanner Recession Proof program? It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to start a side business, whether we're in a recession or not. Having a side hustle provides financial stability and a sense of accomplishment, and with my program, you'll have the tools and knowledge necessary to turn it into a successful online business.

This comprehensive program includes expert guidance, proven strategies, and personalized support tailored to your specific goals. And with a membership fee of just $20 + VAT, you'll have access to everything you need to start and grow your side business.

If you're not completely satisfied, there's even a 60-day right of return if you don't earn more commission in the first 3 months than your membership fee. But I'm confident that with the Soloplanner Recession Proof program, you'll see results and start earning commission sooner than you think.

And for each person you refer who becomes a member through an upsell, you'll earn a commission of $10. So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this exciting journey to financial stability and success!

The commission model:

1 successful recommendation brings you $10 per sale - $100 For 10 Sales, $1000 For 100 Sales and $10,000 For 1000 Sales.

Best Way To Make $ Sales $

To help promote SoloPlanner Recession Proof, please create a video review and upload it to YouTube. Once the video is live, send us the link along with your affiliate ID or Email ID, and we will approve your affiliate request.

Additionally, we will rotate your link in our promotions to make it even easier to generate sales.

To create your review, simply access the demo site for SoloPlanner Recession Proof.

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One of the finest ways to advertise for this program is by using free YouTube traffic. Simply record a review, a testimonial, or a talk on the course, then upload your video to YouTube.

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