There is a huge demand for video. By 2022, video will make up more than 82 percent of all online traffic. There is no surprise that businesses are looking for methods to include video into their content and marketing strategies. Today, video is an essential component of marketing. What platform, though, would you employ for your video content?

I've ranked and reviewed the Top 5 List of Video Sharing Platforms in this article so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Three video platforms—YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook—are frequently contrasted while discussing the topic of video platforms. All three of these should be included in your social media plan because they can raise your brand's visibility. Your movie, however, often gets lost in the sea of other videos because of the sheer volume. Additionally, viewers are readily diverted by competing videos and advertisements.

When your video library continues to expand, you might want to take action beyond merely engaging visitors. Conversion or customer service could be other goals for a video. To achieve these goals, you must use a different online video platform. Because of this, you should also spend money on an online video platform in addition to social networking.

I'll also make an effort to address some typical questions you could have about any form of OVP.

What are the List Of Video Sharing Platforms?

Here is the list of my favorite online video platforms:


Best For Multiple Features.

Loom is a fantastic choice if you're seeking for an online video platform that provides a full range of capabilities.

It allows users to simultaneously record their screen and webcam, or only one. Additionally, a built-in video editor allows you to crop and annotate your films.

These are all fantastic elements for any remote team to have and can be a terrific method to give feedback or conduct training sessions without requiring everyone to be there at the same time.

Loom can assist you in communicating more clearly, whether it's for team alignment, sales, engineering, design, marketing, or any other area of business.


-You can learn about the performance of your videos using engagement insights. This contains the quantity of viewers.

-Links can also be inserted into videos. This is excellent for sharing videos with others while directing them to external links.

-Videos that require a password to access them guarantee that only those with the password can watch them. For private or sensitive information, this is helpful.

-Enterprise customers can benefit from secure authentication and Single Sign-On thanks to SSO (SAML) and SCIM (Okta).

-You have precise control over who may view your films and for how long thanks to advanced content privacy.

LOOM Pricing:

This gives customers a wonderful opportunity to see whether Loom is the appropriate fit for them, with the free edition allowing up to five-minute recordings every video.

The Business plan, which includes limitless films, unlimited recording length, unlimited creators, and more, comes next. It costs $8 per month.

There is also the Enterprise package, which provides sophisticated administration and security for businesses who are serious about securing their operations. Since this is a unique plan, you'll need to get a price from Loom.

Start using Loom now.

2. Vimeo

The best free solution for webmasters who wish to include expert videos on their website.

Vimeo is a professional-focused video hosting and collaboration website, as opposed to Dailymotion and YouTube, which are social video sharing sites.

There is a specific audience for Vimeo's section where users can watch videos that have been chosen by humans rather than algorithms. Since Vimeo is the preferred medium for creative people, only particular kinds of movies typically perform well.

Vimeo is intended for business use. It is the ideal option for website owners wishing to incorporate a video on their landing page because it has no adverts and customization video embeds.

The integrated video player is slick, quick, and free of advertisements or coerced suggestions. You can change between auto-play and loops, select a response, and select a fixed size.

Vimeo Features:

-Video Player

-Live Streaming



-Distribution and Marketing



-Hosting and Management

Vimeo Pricing :

From $12 to $75, there are 4 price editions on Vimeo. Additionally, Vimeo offers a free trial. To determine which edition is best for you, look at the many pricing options below and read more details about the product here.

3. Wistia

a well-known video platform that turns users' podcasts and videos into powerful marketing tools.

Users of Wistia can monitor who watches their films, where they are seen, and for how long through the dashboard. In order to better understand audience demands and enhance content marketing strategies, it also tracks viewers who stuck around to the very end of your film.

Users may find out which videos work the best by using Wistia's robust analytics, which reveals which ones produce the most leads or sales each month. Users can then make future efforts to create more lucrative movies more effective.

Wistia, one of the top platforms for online video, offers embed channels where users can publish a selection of videos from various sources. With others, including Gmail contacts and social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter, these channels can then be shared.

Your preferred marketing tools will seamlessly interact with the program to make your work easier and more effective.

Wistia Features :

- Ad-free video hosting

- Video player customization

- Video Chapters

- Turnstile email collector

- Video links and Calls to Action

- Advanced video analytics

-  A/B testing

- Audience growth with Reach & Retarget

- Beautiful video Channels

Wistia pricing plans :

One of the most competitive pricing schemes available today is provided by Wistia:

-The Free plan ($0/month) is perfect for newly established small enterprises.

-Pro plan ($99/month): appropriate for businesses investing in video and podcast marketing.

-Advanced plan: best for potentially large enterprises looking for ongoing growth (contact support for price).

4. VPlayed

One Platform for Online Video

A single online video platform called VPlayed provides a configurable movie streaming solution for businesses together with cutting-edge features and end-to-end aes video encryption.

It gets even better when you find out that your entire, professional-looking web video platform is produced at a rate of implementation that is almost 50% faster.

Many well-known firms use VPlayed because it offers 150+ features, 6+ monetization strategies, and infinite services that enable businesses to serve their audience anywhere in the world.

VPlayed Features :

- A dynamic video player will help you achieve smooth streaming.

- You can manage your video assets more effectively using a built-in CMS system.

- Strong video DRM solutions can eliminate all digital piracy.

- Increase revenue potentials with various monetization strategies

- Expert streaming technologies enable complete platform customization at any level.

- Ensure seamless platform integration with solutions for both on-premises and on-cloud environments.

Vplayed Pricing :

Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements.

5. Uscreen

Ability to sell, distribute and monetize their content through subscription

With the help of the video monetization platform Uscreen, content producers can introduce their own OTT (over-the-top) services that compete with Netflix. Uscreen gives users the option to use subscription and VOD models to market, distribute, and make money from their content.

The platform's principal objective is to assist users in launching their own direct-to-consumer companies and generating income from the online sale of digital goods. Abdullah ("Abby") Hammoud and Mehdi Ameziane launched Uscreen in 2015 with the goal of assisting people in generating income from their knowledge.

In order to eliminate all technical barriers for video sellers in favour of an intuitive interface, they developed a platform in 2015 after realising that there was a growing possibility in the market for video distribution.

What began as a two-person idea has grown into Uscreen, one of the top platforms for starting VOD companies for yoga and fitness instructors. You may quickly start your own video-on-demand subscription company. Launch Your Free Trial Right Now!

A video monetization platform called Uscreen can assist you in starting an online video streaming company. To start selling subscriptions and generating revenue from video content, you can either build your own custom-branded streaming app or use our white label solution.

Uscreen Features:

With the help of the video monetization platform Uscreen, you may launch and manage your own on-demand content company.

With the help of the video monetization platform Uscreen, you may launch and manage your own on-demand content company. Features of Uscreen Uscreen has a tonne of strong features.

What you can do with this platform is as follows: With the help of a simple drag and drop theme editor, make a beautiful website.

Unlimited audio and video files can be uploaded. Sell items, services, subscriptions, and more. Make vouchers for free content membership trials.

Log user activities (purchases, logins, etc.) in the dashboard activity log. Data harvesting and user profiles with no limits Utilize their names or other information you've gathered about them in your emails to give your members a more customized experience.

Uscreen Pricing:

Uscreen's Basic subscription, which includes the web platform, pre-built themes, and a cap of 300 users per month, is priced at a fixed rate of $99 per month.

The next plan tier has more features and integrations at $249 per month, however there is a cap of 1000 members. The amount of customers, add-on services like live streaming, and OTT app availability all affect the Uscreen Custom price packages.

Dedicated account management and phone assistance are also included with custom accounts that use applications. There is also a free trial period of 14 days.

What is an Online Video Platform?

A full system is provided by an online video platform, or OVP, where you may manage, publish, and analyse your videos.

A video content management system for uploading videos as well as video player technology are both provided by an online video platform.The majority of video platforms first surfaced in 2006, when video was still in its infancy.

Traditional media jumped on the video bandwagon much earlier, but because there weren't any internet video platforms available, they had to build their own by interconnecting various systems. These featured tools for traffic generation, video ad management, and managing and encoding videos.

What should you look for in a video platform?

Your video objectives will determine what you should consider when selecting a platform, but there are five criteria that will guide you in the proper direction.

1. Interactivity

Viewer engagement and conversion rates are increased via interactive video. There are numerous video platforms to pick from, but each one offers a different level of involvement. Some allow you to make fully branching videos, while others only provide you the basic ability of adding a link to a video.

2. Analytics

Although it may not be the most "sexy" topic, it is one of the most crucial ones. The majority of online video services provide a separate analytics section. For instance, Google Analytics displays the percentage of videos that visitors finish watching, but it does not indicate where they stop.

It's intriguing to see the drop-off % as a number. For instance, 10% of your viewers watch the entire video, but you find that most viewers stop watching during the first 20 seconds. This can indicate that the video introduction needs to be modified. You can continue to optimise using these indicators in order to increase conversion rates.

3. User friendly dashboard

You control your videos using an interface called the dashboard. You configure your video distribution strategy in the dashboard, which provides you with insight and in-depth analytics.

Although every video platform offers a dashboard, each one varies in terms of usefulness and usability. Consider how user-friendly you find the dashboard to be. Additionally, it's critical to confirm the existence of a support system and the ease of access to it.

Choose a platform for your internet videos that uploads and encodes them automatically. Long-term, this will save you a tonne of time.

4. Video hosting and Content Delivery Network

The majority of platforms offer video content hosting. Hosting, also known as the Content Delivery Network, refers to the local storage of your video and its availability across a number of servers and directories (CDN). You don't need to be concerned about your films being offline or taking up too much storage space because of the CDN.

When you wish to distribute your video content internationally, a CDN becomes even more crucial. Particularly a CDN that provides global coverage, as it will guarantee that viewers from all around the world will have the same top-notch video experience. Even regionally focused consumers, nevertheless, should have the best possible user experience.

Online information is gradually moving toward being dominated by video content. Video is preferred above other material kinds by more than 85% of internet users.

So it makes sense that YouTube, a website that hosts videos, is today the second-largest search engine.

By 2027, it is anticipated that the live video streaming market would be worth $184.27 billion.


While most popular online video platforms provide comparable fundamental capabilities for sharing and streaming videos, each has unique advantages and disadvantages that determine if it is dependable or less suitable for a certain use case.

To select the platform that best fits their needs, organisations must compare their options.

Loom provides commercial and governmental organisations with a powerful online video platform for sharing and managing live and on-demand videos. Strong search and video analytics allow numerous connectors, have enterprise-level security, configurable user groups and management, and flexible deployment choices.

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