Do you need to make a video for your online business but lack the time or the skills needed?

Check out these Top 5 Best AI video Generator Software that handle everything for you.

Although it might seem like all fun and games to be a YouTube creator, success requires effort.

Success also entails being able to keep viewers interested with entertaining and informative videos.

It becomes difficult at that point. How quickly you can run out of content ideas for your channel might surprise you. If that occurs, or if you are only beginning to develop your channel, Generating videos on demand based on your specific requirements is now possible, whether you want to make money on YouTube by producing business videos, monetizing video content on other channels, or using online video platforms to create the right marketing media.

The process of editing a video takes a lot of time and effort. For impressive results, even the best video editing software still needs a lot of human input.

For our benefit, AI tools are now a reality. Next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) video generators automate video creation and editing without sacrificing quality.

I've put together a list of the top 5 best video generator program to make your job easier. They'll make creating videos simpler and more affordable, and several of them won't add a watermark to your finished product.

What Are The Top 5 Best AI Video Generator Software?



Synthesia uses AI to assist you in producing polished videos from scratch. It provides a number of tools for creating videos, such as a storyboard maker, a video editor, and others.

Synthesia can be used to produce marketing videos, product demo videos, and instructional videos.

With support for more than 60 languages, you can market to customers worldwide.

Synthesia is among the best AI video generators for businesses of all sizes thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly features.

Key Features:

-Their AI avatars are extremely useful for producing human faces that appear realistic in your videos.

-Similar to that, realistic voiceovers can be produced using AI Voices.

-They make it simple and quick to make professional-looking videos, which is why I like their video templates.

-You can include subtitles to your videos using their closed captions.

-You can upload brand assets, such as logos, fonts, and colour schemes, to make sure your videos are consistent with your brand. This is another one of their outstanding features.

Synthesia Pricing :

Two plans are provided by Synthesia:

Personal: $30 Business: Information available from their sales team

2. Gliacloud


You already know that adding videos to your blog or website can increase visitors, engagement, and sales. You might not have the knowledge or the time to make them, though.

GliaCloud enables you to quickly and easily turn existing text content into professional-looking videos. No specialized tools or prior experience with video editing software are required. All you have to do is upload your article or share the URL, and an interesting video will be generated automatically.

Then, you can create an HD video file that is prepared for upload to your website or social media channels after previewing and making any necessary edits to this script.

GliaCloud Features:

- Transition Effect

- Video Music

- Video Layout

- Voice Over - Automatic Robot Voice Generator

- Voice Over - Manual Recorder

- URL to Video

- Article to Video

- Video Audio Volume

- Trim Video

- Crop video

- Online Video Editing

- Add External Source Media

- Loop Video Effect

- Image to Video and many more!

GliaCloud Pricing:

$300/month as a starting price

Free Trial: This is offered.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Easy-to-use video editor for creators

What are people saying about Cyberlink

If you are new to editing and want to advance while learning, this software is a great way to get started.

It has excellent tools and is powerful enough to produce professional results. Project designer Luis M.

"I appreciate how sturdy it is. It is capable of much more than the simple editing I do with it. I employ it for text overlays, transitions, adding audio, and trimming. Karmic Coach Deb P.

Additionally, you receive over 8,000,000 stock images, videos, and music tracks via Shutterstock and iStock. In actuality, the paid versions' features and all of these are updated on a monthly basis (for the most part).

Work from a variety of workstation options, including slideshow creator, auto mode, and storyboard mode. You can edit each grid separately by using the Picture in Picture (PiP) editing option, which divides the video into various grids.

Additionally, it's simple to incorporate animated images, photos, and edited graphics into your video projects.

CyberLink Features:

- Simple to use

- Quick rendering

- Motion tracking, Picture in Picture (PiP) editing, 360-degree editing, and LUT colour presets.

CyberLink Pricing:

• Creators' subscription plan: $69.99

• Marketing subscription plan: $299.99

• PowerDirector 20 lifetime licence: $99.99

• PowerDirector 20 Ultimate lifetime licence: $139.99

4. FlexClip

Best For Ex-plainer Videos.

Flexclip is a tool that enables flexible editing in a user-friendly setting. With a variety of features, including social media options and branding options, you can create beautiful videos for your company.

You can make videos that are professional and on-brand using templates that are simple to customize.

Flexclip is one of the best AI video generators for making marketing and explainer videos because it has a great selection of text animations.

Additionally, you can use the rich-stock media providers included with the various plans to give yourself more options for improving your videos.

Flexclip Features:

You can easily make and distribute videos to team members or clients.

You can make professional-looking videos quickly and easily with the aid of effective video tools.

Their slideshow creator, in my opinion, is fantastic for assisting you in creating interesting shows for your website or blog.

To make sure you never have to worry about copyright issues, they have more than 4,000,000 royalty-free stock assets.

You can combine images, video clips, and music in the included movie maker to make stunning movies.

FlexClip Pricing:

Flexclip provides a variety of plans for various users:

Free: $ 0 monthly

Simple: $5.99 monthly

Plus: $9.99 per month

Company: $19.99 per month


 virtual human presenter from texts.

An excellent platform for creating videos for different kinds of audience engagement is The tool makes use of the potency of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), an extremely complex deep learning framework that produces encouraging results. Features: and Synthesia are basically similar in terms of key features. You can convert texts into high-quality videos that are presented by a virtual human using

Making Videos with Artificial Intelligence - It's simple to make a video with Choose a presenter, write your script, add your media files, and edit your video. You will then be prepared.

AI creates voice narration from the text you already have. As a result, there is no need for you to upload your voiceover.

AI-generated video from

I believe the videos are of excellent quality based on a few of's examples. Very realistic presenters make up the group. They completely mimic human gestures and body language. Pricing: is available in two packages, with the Starter Plan costing $25 per month. The Starter Plan offers 10 credits, or 10 minutes of video, up to 10 times per month. Get in touch with the vendor directly for Enterprise plans.

What is an AI Video Generator?

The process of using artificial intelligence to produce quality videos is known as AI video generation.

You can make videos without equipment, a video editing studio, or expensive software by using an AI video generator.

The AI tool will create a video for you without any additional input from you. You can quickly turn a blog post into a video using one of these tools!

Additionally, because the AI tool will perform the majority of the work for you, you won't incur high costs for video productions.

Benifits o Using Ai Video Generator Software?

While it's essential to consider the advantages of producing an AI video over a conventional one, it's even more crucial to comprehend the precise justifications for using an AI video generator in your company.

Raise the engagement levels

It goes without saying that the more interaction and time visitors spend on your website, the better. Your pages can be more engaging by using videos instead of text, or at the very least, videos with text. By using videos, you can ensure that your content is accessible when people are on the go, eating breakfast in the morning, taking a break during an especially busy day, or just when they are too lazy to read. Simply put, you are removing all potential stresses; all that is left to be done is to sit back and observe.

enlarge your current customer base

Certain people respond better to certain media types. Age, gender, and country of origin are fundamental variables that can all vary, as can more specialized variables like hobbies. You can encourage a larger audience to interact with your content and discover more about your product by including AI videos on your pages. Some people might even begin by merely admiring the outcomes of an advanced AI work and end up becoming interested in your product after watching the video.

Simple access to multilingual audiences

Even though English is a universal language and is frequently used when marketing to a global audience, speaking to your prospects in their own language can be even more effective. Normally, translating and re-narrating a video would be an expensive and time-consuming process; however, with the right AI video generator tool, this process could only take a few minutes. Certain platforms will quickly make you multilingual thanks to the auto-translation feature and the variety of voices available.

Support diversity with AI avatars

Speaking of extending your usual audience, using AI to create videos also gives you the option to use a variety of AI avatars as narrators. This small but significant detail demonstrates how well you understand your target audience. Furthermore, people are more likely to enjoy your content if they feel like they can relate to the narrator because representation is not a trend; it is a necessity. rather than perusing countless acting resumes. Simply sign in to your account for the AI video generator and select your preferred AI avatar.


You can produce top-notch text-to-video content using artificial intelligence without having to invest countless hours in the process. Whether you're running a business or just trying to put together a quick video for social media, that will save you a tonne of time.

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